ProtectiT breathable impregnation sealers are suitable for application on any porous substrate, e.g. concrete (precast concrete or GRC), stone, marble or paving / pavement (Public Realm). ProtectiT 100 is manufactured to a BBA certified standard (in accordance with BS EN1504-2). ProtectiT 100 offers long-lasting hydrophobic and oleophobic protection and will nor alter the slip properties of the substrate to which it is applied. ProtectiT 100 sealer impregnates the substrate and maintains the breathability of the surface, e.g. precast concrete / GRC, which means that latent moisture is not trapped within. In addition, there is negligible or no change to the appearance of the concrete surface once the sealer is fully cured.

ProtectiT breathable impregnation sealers have been utilised on projects in many areas of industry; Buildings, Infrastructure, the Public Realm, Conservation. Heritage, Rail & Aviation.

A specification for ProtectiT 100 breathable impregnation sealer may include the following:

  • be of a water-based fluoropolymer formulation and act through means of aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion
  • prevent moisture ingress (hydrophobic shielding) whilst simultaneously allowing egress of latent moisture within the substrate, i.e. maintain substrate breathability
  • be BBA certified (Factory Production Control) to a suitable harmonised standard
  • have 0% VOC content
  • be UV resistant
  • give long-term protection against water and oil ingress and general staining whilst not undermining the physical properties of the substrate.
  • be able to take foot traffic within 60 minutes of application and be rain resistant within four hours of application (on external horizontal surfaces and in normal drying conditions)
  • not alter the surface aesthetic, composition or slip properties of the treated surface
  • allow substrate breathability post application and saturation