Why use the PROTECTiT range:

ProtectiT offers a range of cleaning products and breathable impregnation sealers (both hydrophobic and oleophobic, including ProtectiT 100) to suit any application including concrete (precast concrete, in-situ concrete and GRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete). These cleaners and breathable sealers are applicable to both domestic and commercial applications on both internal and external horizonal/vertical surfaces.

ProtectiT 100 / 101 / 102 / 200 breathable impregnation sealers for concrete, stone, pavements (paving), marble and any porous surface have been applied on major projects in the UK, Ireland, US, mainland Europe, & the Caribbean Islands for almost 20 years.

ProtectiT breathable sealers impregnate the substrate to which they are applied and maintain its breathability which is crucial in allowing the egress of latent moisture within the substrate (precast concrete, GRC, stone). ProtectiT breathable sealers should always be applied until the substrate is saturated with the sealer, i.e. 100% absorption has been achieved. This is crucial for the provision of long-lasting protection.

ProtectiT 100 is a breathable impregnation sealer that has an associated BBA certificate of manufacture (in accordance with BS EN1504-2). The most common applications for ProtectiT 100 are concrete (precast, GRC, pavements / public realm / paving), stone and marble. ProtectiT 100 breathable sealer is frequently specified on architectural concrete (precast and GRC) owing to its negligible effect on the appearance of the substrate).

The range of ProtectiT breathable impregnation sealers offers both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection meaning that we can provide a sealing solution to suit any environment, e.g. ProtectiT 200 Storm Defence is applicable to environments with extreme weather conditions.


An unprotected surface will lose its aesthetic appeal once subjected to airborne dirt and dust, weather systems and the effects of the natural environment. ProtectiT Breathable Impregnation Sealers are absorbed within the structure and form an invisible barrier that lines the capillaries thus maintaining surface porosity. ProtectiT 100 Impregnation Sealer also contains surfactants that are UV stable, preventing discolouration that is associated with main traditional “barrier” sealant type products.


The ProtectiT range of Breathable Impregnation Sealers enable optimisation of the maintenance programme through a substantial reduction in associated costs and programme implications. Treated surfaces are easily cleaned with minimum effort. Dublin City Council have cited an 80% reduction in maintenance costs on treated areas, more than justifying the procurement of ProtectiT 100.


Moisture ingress beneath the surface of your structure will promote moss, lichen, and algae growth. This can undermine the structural integrity and material strength through repeated freeze-thaw cycles that can induce cracking in the structure. A correctly treated surface that prevents moisture ingress mitigates these risks and safeguards your asset from these effects.

ProtectiT 100 in Action